zondag 31 december 2006

Welcome to my blog!

Hello? Is it me you're looking for? 'Cause I wonder who you are and I wonder what you do-o-o...

Hi there! You are reading my first blog-post ever. And have I got plans with this spot!

First I want to work out how I can make the whole template orange, which is my favourite color. So far I have just managed to change the main background color. Been searching through HTML-codes, but was only left puzzled. Might just as well come out and say it: I am blonde. Can't help it. This blondeness gets in the way sometimes. Like when I want to make my blogspot orange. Any suggestions?

Further on, I want to publish my stamping art here. I make postcards with rubberstamps, ink and lots of fun. Just want a place where I can display them for fun. The "Hello" image with Nemo (on the top right on my blog-homepage) is one of the first cards I made. Still love it though. I'll try to publish a more recente piece of work in this message. If some white box with a red cross apears, you'll know my blondeness mocked up again...

So that's what you can expect to find here the next couple of months. Stay tuned!